Enliven your rooms & Grow your plants!


to ease your plant care.

Simply fill the shelf with water once a week !

Two types of shelves : for bright rooms and for daylight deprived rooms


Enliven your living room or kitchen with custom made water shelves to fit plants in the most unusual places!


A typical Berliner bathroom is small with very few daylight, if any.
The shelf can come with a built-in lighting to grow your plants.

It is programmed with a timer, no operation is required beside
watering the shelf once a week,
and your room can become a tropical jungle!

A Tropicalregal is much more than a simple plant shelf !

- Unique design

  Each shelf is built on-demand and unique

- Handcrafted in Berlin Kreuzberg
  Demonstration in Atelier Äuglein

- Waterproof & water-based paint

- Long lasting
  First shelf built in 2020 in a windowless bathroom,
  since then, plants are thriving !

- Ready & easy to mount kit
screws & wall plugs provided

- Easy plant maintenance
  You may order our small maintenance kit
  to manage the plant growth !

- Low consumption plants optimized LED
  Timer & wiring provided

- Fair pricing
  We are constantly working on reducing the price,
but custom-handmade woodwork can't be automated.

Tropical Regal makes it easy

to grow your small plants in any room.

Order a kit here or on Etsy,
or check out the Design page to get your own custom-made shelf !