Get your customized shelf in 3 steps :


Type & dimensions

Straight shelf (along a wall)

It can be only for plants, or it can have a tray on one or both sides to put objects (toothbrush cup, kitchen utensil)

Corner shelf (left or right)

Typically for bathrooms,

it can be completely filled with water, or it can have a tray on one or both sides to put objects (toothbrush, kitchen utensil)

Dimensions & orientation

Make sure to indicate the dimensions & orientation you need, according to the picture specifications :

 - For the straight shelf : L1, B1, P1, P2, left or right

 - For the corner shelf : L1, L1, B1, B2, P1, P2, left or right


Lighting option

LED lighting (optional)

You have the possibility to add low-consumption LED spotlights, optimized for plant growth.

They are plugged on a timer, with a customized schedule to match your plant needs.

In the worst case scenario (windowless room, all year long), each light bulb (7W) would cost 14€/year.

Calculus : 0.007kW.h x 13h x 365 days x 0.41€/kW.h = 13.6€

One light bulb can cover a surface of around 60cm large.

For a single spotlight shelf, it is recommended a max width of 70cm.

Example in photo :

ALAU Model, two spotlights for a left-corner shelf.



Choose a color

From a carefully selected range from the Swingcolor palette.

Here is a selection of the colors charts that works best with most plant leaves colors.
These chart photos have been color graded to match the printed color charts as close as possible (It is more reliable than this online chart !).


Once you've got decided about :

                    - The shelf type and dimensions

                    - The lighting setup

                    - The color

Send these information to me through the contact form to get a cost estimation & date of delivery.

You may also simply choose from a selection of kits on this page.